Urtheil the Verdict
Pronunciation: Urr-teal
Domain: Deathbound/Judgement/Law/Redemption
Gender: Female
A god of classic schäuber faith whose worship has dwindled in numbers to almost nothing, Urtheil the Verdict is the god of schäuben who committed wrongdoings in life and wish to make peace with their crimes after their death. Urtheil is said to judge a schäuber by taking the object that had served as their head in life and weighing it against their transgressions. If the object is heavier than their sins, Urtheil turns them away. However, if their head is lighter than their past misdeeds, Urtheil gives them the chance at new life in undeath. Never before has there been a schäuber whose head was found to weigh exactly the same as their crimes.

Urtheil is said to appear as a powerfully built schäuber with dusty brown fur, thicker than usual limbs, and a scale for a head. The scale is also used as her holy symbol. Perhaps because of her connection to necromancy and redemption, many clerics who animate the dead revere Urtheil.