The planet is unique in that it contains several planes of existence, known as realms, that all occupy the same space. The four known realms are:

Each realm contains its own unique races, ideologies, and cultures, and each realm (barring the Realm of the Dead) lived completely separate from the others, knowing only hints of each others’ existences… until a fated event that occurred twenty-four years ago, known to the public as the Joining.

It happened gradually at first: beings of mythos and legend began appearing as they were transitioned seamlessly into realms that were not their own. As time went on, more and more found themselves among creatures they had thought did not exist, and at an accelerating pace. And unfortunately, the races and creatures of the four realms were not designed to live in harmony. Denizens of each and every realm fought against the others, not only for control over the now common land, but for life itself.

The Joined realms were at war.

It was not until twelve hard-fought years later that the tides of battle shifted in favor of Hell. Knowing it was their only hope for survival, the denizens of the Material Realm, Elemental Realm, and Realm of the Dead formed an unsteady alliance with each other. Their union, known as the Whole, is scattered across the planet. While most of the Whole operates within Pockets-- chunks of land that have yet to be Joined with Hell-- other unfortunate or foolhardy members of the Whole live or venture outside them. Those who reside outside a Pocket, be they seeking new Pockets for settlement, exiled from their Pockets, or never having lived in a Pocket in the first place, often find their life expectancy to be very, very short.

Players begin play in Trifold Prime, one of two tri-realmed Pockets known to exist, at a presentation by Trifold Prime’s most renowned tactical mind, Magnuk, the Final Deemer.