Ick, Child of Forigo
Ick, pictured at the beginning of their life.
Player NPC
Campaign Soar
Race Grivau
Class Barbarian
Wings Earned
Gender N/A
Height 5'03"
Weight 417lbs
Family N/A
Affiliation First Council
Alignment Neutral Good
Small and made quite literally of ice and fire, Ick is a grivau of few words and even fewer expressions. Though they were far more emotive in their youth, age has quieted the old mineraloid, and now, seeing them smile or hearing them speak is a rarity outside of court proceedings.

Ick's body is covered in various scars. Even their wings, batlike and dripping with icicles, are torn and ragged. Many wonder why they never sought the healing powers of a cleric for their wounds, making them more susceptible to mortal peril. Some even go so far as to theorize that Ick wishes for death, though this has never been confirmed by Ick themself.