(calendar only truly applies to the material realm, but is used by all realms for ease of communication) four "main" seasons, five transition days, total 365 days because i dont want this to be overly complicated lmao seriously lmao

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seasons are shorthanded by the number before them; shorthand for writing the date is YEAR/SEASON/DAY; in the case of transition days, the "day" section can simply be omitted

0- PrimadiEdit

1st day of the year, only lasts a day; a day of renewal

1- ReqlumEdit

90 days; spring-esque; "resting sky"

1.5- ReqtusEdit

transition day; the end of reqlum and beginning of  ieilum

2- IeilumEdit

90 days; summer-esque; "fast sky"

2.5- IeitusEdit

transition day; the end of ieium and beginning of drolum

3- DrolumEdit

90 days; fall-esque; "salivating sky"

3.5- DrotusEdit

transition day; the end of drolum and beginning of iniquilum

4- IniquilumEdit

90 days; winter-esque; "unjust sky"

4.5- UltimatiEdit

last day of the year; only lasts a day; a day of reflection and meditation.


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